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Hi, I have a story for you...

Not long ago  I got a gift certificate for a spa that I have driven past for years but never gone to. I'm so glad that I finally did. Here's what happened...

As I walked in, I am greeted with a warm "welcome" by a woman with a white flower in her hair. So far so good. She lead me to the back after I tell her that I am there for the full body treatment.

Her gentle smile seemed to melt my stress away already. "A lot has gone into making this a peaceful atmosphere" I thought to myself. I thought about all the work that has been done from the attractive-smelling flowers to the training of the staff.

Soon I didn't think about it anymore and I simply started to enjoy it.

The hallway that is lit by candle - a nice touch. I walked through a wood door to get my full body treatment started. A few hours later...

I am finished with my hot oil massage, facial, and acupuncture.

Overall, the atmosphere from start to finish was invigorating. The employees made me feel like a queen.

As I left, I felt disappointed that I had to drive my own car instead of my own driver.

Oh well, back to the real world. Though, not exactly...

...Now life isn't exactly exactly the same. It seemed that things that used to worry don't worry me anymore. I used to rush through breakfast to get to work. Now, I take my time and miraculously I have not been late to work or had to rush through breakfast.

People ask me: "What's my secret?" And I tell them.


Hello entrepreneur. This is the ideal testimonial that you need to grow your business and get repeat customers. However, it is not as easy as opening up a salon and offering some services. There is much more that goes into creating a successful spa that spark positive customer testimonials.

Do you want to know what the secret is?

Hello, my name is Susan Carson and I have been helping people with particular challenge for over a decade.

Why do some spas succeed and others fail. It is the same for all businesses. Entrepreneurs that have the greatest chance of success know this formula:

Investment in knowledge


positive customer feedback for years to come


many new customers and many repeat customers


:) and $

Since getting my certificate in spa and hospitality management from the University of California fifteen years ago, I have gained much hands-on experience in this field. I now use that experience to help aspiring entrepreneurs like Chris Justice from the Boulder Country Club in Colorado. Here's what he had to say:

"Susan delivered a very detailed report in a timely fashion and followed up for an additional consultation to go over all the information she provided. We were extremely happy with her work, material, and information. When we move forward with future plans to enhance our athletic center we certainly hope to use Susan and her expertise once again."

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What Type Of Business Are You?

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FengShui principles can be incorporated into the design of your spa to make clients feel more relaxed. Staff will feel more comfortable. This is a recipe for success.

What Is FengShui?

FengShui is the optimization of chi. Chi means energy. It is constantly moving and changing. It is constantly around us. It is what effects how we feel in a certain location.

Chi will accumulate in objects. It will also flow throughout your business, in through the door and out through the windows. The strategy of FengShui is to get the chi to flow gently through your spa and not run straight through it. If chi gets stuck or blocked in one area, it will have a negative effect.

Greeting Customers

The first impression is the most important. If you have done this right, you will already be off to a great start.

Entrances represent how the world meets your spa. They symbolize opportunities flowing into your business. Therefore, make sure your front door is attractive, opens easily, and can open completely with nothing behind it.

What is the first thing that a customer will see as she enters through the front door?

The reception desk. Time to make another good impression.

In this area, feel free to utilize mirrors, a small water fountain, and a ceiling fan. This will help create flow and movement of positive energy and clients into the space.

Positive decoration in this area includes things such as landscape artwork, lush plants with rounded leaves, or an aquarium.

Treating Customers

While waiting for treatment, the client should feel at peace. In this area, soft edges should be used so that nothing sharp or pointed is facing your clients. This means: a clutter-free waiting area with soft chairs and gentle lighting. If you do have any points, by placing plants in front of them, you will soften their harshness.

A bowl of smooth polished river rocks are a nice addition. These will encourage grounding and stability since they connect us to the Earth.

As the client finally enters the treatment room, she is greeted again with a peaceful environment.

As she relaxes in the treatment room, she should be able to see the door.

As far as colors go in both the the waiting area and the treatment rooms, soft skin-tone colors or muted shades of green are recommended. Green is associated with growth, healing, and new energy.

Creating A Lasting Impression

All-in-all, FengShui will help you create an absolutely peaceful environment for your clients and your staff. The positive energy absorbed will soothe nerves for days to come.

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